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Hello, I have only just noticed this introductory section although I have already made a dozen or so posts. Talk about putting t'cart before t'horse...

I spent my boyhood from ages 0.5 to 13.5 living at 13 Gleadless Avenue, Sheffield 12. I went to Gleadless County School and then King Edward's. In 1962 my dad, who was head of English at Woodhouse Grammar School, got a promotion to deputy headmaster which meant that we had to leave Sheffield and move to Leicestershire, though I did come back to visit fairly often as my best friend lived in Meadowhead.

Afterwards, my student days and teaching career took me fairly far and wide, from Brum to Southern France and many points in between, and I am currently in rural Norfolk. I have always had an interest in history (it was one of the subjects which I taught) and discovered this web site a few days ago. I look forward to reading, learning, contributing where I'm able, and wallowing in nostalgia!

Mike Atherton

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