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ukelele lady

I wonder if anyone has been watching the repeat tv series of the Vice starring Ken Stott as

Pat Chappel.

The series I watched on ITV3 last week was partly filmed in Sheffield, Ken Stott and co were

seen in the centre of Sheffield and also visiting a children's home somewhere in the Park area.

Looking on Google at a guess it looked like the big house on the corner of Talbot Street

and Norfolk Road which is now a student accommodation.

Was this ever a children's home or was this done just for the tv series?

And to anyone else that saw it , have I got the right place?

The Vice series 2 [ 2000 ] " Home is the Place.

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I saw this the other week, most striking thing for me was when they left the train station and how much that has changed, what was the building facing them with the welcome to sheffield sign?

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ukelele lady

It's a while since I saw that episode but I do remember seeing the sign as they were stood

on Norfolk Road/ Talbot Street. I think I remembered it as being on the Polytechnic , Pond Street.

Pity I didn't save the recording.

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Sorry to revive this old thread, I just re-watched this two-part episode.

Interesting to see ''old'' Sheffield, I used to live on the other end of Norfolk Road about 10 years after this was filmed!











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