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Thylacine Is Coming Home

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. . . . and needs your help! Suggestions for days out in the Peak District / Yorkshire Moors - driving and/or short walks. Good country pubs for overnight accommodation. Things we should not miss. Any special events in June or July? When is the Bakewell Show? Is Speedwell Cavern still operating? Can you still buy Blue John? Best place to view the Tour de France. Where can we see the Little Mesters? Things to see / do in Sheffield (seriously).

We haven't lived here for 40 years, we haven't been here for 18 years.

Can we still camp behind the Clarion Clubhouse?

Honestly, we would appreciate any of your suggestions, we have 6 weeks to fit in as much as we can and would like to plan now.

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If you want a base convenient for both the Peak District and the city, the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow expanded its accommodation not long ago and seems to get very good reviews. (Also a pleasant walk away from Shepherd Wheel, last surviving water-powered cutler's wheel, now restored and open every Saturday and Sunday 10 - 4, free admission )

Bakewell Show 6th & 7th August http://www.bakewellshow.org/

Speedwell Cavern & the Devils Arse http://speedwellcavern.co.uk/

Welcome home!

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Thanks Bayleaf, I have added the Shepherd Wheel to my list. We don't really need a 'base' as we'll be staying with relatives, I was thinking more in the way of ramblers pubs out on the moors, ploughman's lunch, good ale, stay the night if it's too late to get home. That kind of thing.

Thanks Vox, Duckweed's project is priceless, I have made a shortlist of 12 must see places. He has on his list Vickers Works, Brightside Lane. What's the story there? Is it open to the general public?

And thanks Edmund. Wow, has Glossop Road Baths changed! I used to go there in the 60's when I was just a lad. We were always starving hungry when we came out, a café close by used to sell 'penny crusts' - buttered. I bet that's changed too. I'm really not into Turkish Baths but Weatherspoons looks interesting, I'll definitely try that one.

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