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On 23/06/2020 at 20:36, SteveHB said:

Coupe Brothers, Carting contractors, builders merchants & brick manufacturers 19 Carlisle Street East (1919-1925)


Coupe Brothers (Sheffield), carting contractors, builders merchants & brick manufacturers, 19 Carlisle Street East.

Listed in the 1957 Kelly's directory.

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5 minutes ago, Calvin72 said:

Further to my June 3rd post about the European Heritage Days awards I'm excited and delighted to be one of the overall 2020 winners!

Eleven storytellers from across the continent have won a funded Council of Europe heritage project. Mine is going to be the design of an app and website to help count and trace every single piece of historic pavement furniture in the city and to plot every such location. This will hopefully enable study of what we have, why they are important, and what they tell us. Building on the collective work of this thread I will be able to answer a few of the questions that have been raised! The work will run from September 30th till March 31st 2021 and I will mention this site in any publicity. I have been invited to address the European Parliament in November to introduce the topic and Sheffield heritage in general which I am looking forward to. Just to say many thanks again to contributors to this thread and I'm delighted that looking at Sheffield drain covers takes it's place in the favourite European heritage stories of the year :)


Pleased to hear that

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