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Abbeydale Station Hotel (Beauchief Hotel) 1932-1954

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Andy Fearn

Does anyone out there have any information on the Sutcliffe family who ran the Abbeydale Station Hotel (Beauchief Hotel) between 1932 and 1954.The family would have been prominent in the Beauchief area during that period.

George & Mary Elizabeth Sutcliffe ran the hotel from 1932 until 1951 when George died. Their son George (Junior) then took it over until 1954. George Jnr. may have had a wife called Marion. But not sure about that one.

George & Mary Elizabeth had a second son - Reginald - Who returned from WW2 and lived at the hotel until 1947 when he moved into a newly built house just across the road from the Beauchief Hotel - No. 150 Abbeydale Road South.

He lived there with his wife Raymonde (believed to be French) from 1947 until 1968.

Any information, memories or photos about any of these members of the Sutcliffe family would be gratefully received as part of my

on-going research.

Oh nearly forgot - they also owned or rented Tyzacks Cottages at No. 183 Abbeydale Road South up until the 1950s. Which I believe is now Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

Thanks for reading my post - I hope someone out there can help.

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I went past the old Beauchief Hotel this afternoon (that project seems to be going on forever) and noticed that the triangular pediment above the front door had been cleaned up - the text "Abbeydale Station" can now be seen, although partly hidden by an old fashioned lamp mounted there. No photo as I was in the car.

In reference to the Sutcliffes:

In January 1919 the licence of the Queen Adelaide on Hermitage Street / Bramall Lane was transferred from Mary Elizabeth Sutcliffe to George Sutcliffe. They took on the Queen Adelaide following their arrival from Shropshire in August 1909 and were there until 1923.


In 1939 George (junior) was treasurer of the Abbeydale (Station Hotel) bowling club - the newspaper article below includes his photograph.


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Here's a picture I think I scraped off eBay (and possibly flattened out in photoshop)

Abbeydale Hotel copy.jpg

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Sad to see the demise of this once popular pub, hotel, bar and restaurant.

Tastefully restored as luxury apartments, but the amount of houses erected in the area that was once car park, and earlier bowling green, is scandalous. 

Such a shame that no one could make a go of it after the Limonds departed.

Ive had many a fine meal there under various notable local chefs and Michels Bar was always a great meeting place. A lovely place to sit outside in the late afternoon sun enjoying a cool beer.

Best forgotten, probably are  the famous ‘party nights ‘ of a few years ago.

These were on Friday/ Saturday nights and the place was absolutely rammed with cougars, ten bob millionaires and lads from all over. They lasted a few weeks but got pulled because of complaints by the locals of bawdy behaviour.

Sadly missed.

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Had the railway station part of the deal hadn’t been closed and moved way up the road and re-named Dore and Totley Station, it might have had a fighting chance of survival. However as Hallam Towers couldn’t survive very little surprises me, at least the Abbeydale Station building has survived, and IMHO will further survive the excuses for ‘quality’ residential accommodation that have been thrown up in the car park.

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