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Fox Hunting.

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The hunting of wild animals with dogs was banned under the hunting act of 2004.

80% of the public believe that fox hunting should remain illegal, but some of the remainder and certain politicians

are trying to repeal the act.

Downing Street has said that the Prime Minister David Cameron "has sympathy" with calls for the rules on fox hunting

to be loosened.

Approximately 250 Fox Hunt Meets will be taking place today!

Should the ban be repealed?

What do you think?


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I grew up in Sheffield but now live in a small village in the Lincolnshire countryside country where quite a few neighbours "hunt" - I would give refuge to any fox being hounded by these individuals. I believe hunting with dogs for "sport" is unspeakable and barbaric. Others may differ - that's democracy though 80% is a fairly sizable majority in my book.

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How can they call such callous and disgusting behaviour "sport".

This should have been illegal by the beginning of the 20th century, let alone the 21st.

We cannot yet call the UK a civilised country.

Cameron would be in favour as he has hunted himself and doesn't want to upset his hunting pals.

I would like to set a pack of dogs onto them and see if they "enjoy" it as much as the poor fox does.

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