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The sheep towards the bottom left have no legs connecting their feet to their fluffy little bodies ...

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If vox is right, do the OS do the trick of making a small deliberate mistake to show whether someone reproduces their map without permission?

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According to a geological book I once read the River Rivelin did once flow the other way around. It was reckoned to flow from the Malin bridge end towards the headwaters of the Derwent system. It was a few tens of millions of years ago 'so probably not the reason for the OS error. :) It must have been before the Earth moved, (but not for me).

When you think about it, rivers normally start off in steep sided gorges, (the Malin Bridge end); and finish in wide shallow valleys, (the Hollow Meadows end).

Incidently the little pond on the map near the arrow was, I'm told, formed when a dumped WW2 bomb was detonated. I seem to remember it was filled in at ome point.

Others were set off beyond the Rivelin Post Office and blew up a SCWW water main.


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