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Sheffield Monopoly

ukelele lady

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Have you seen the Sheffield Monopoly game? It is interesting to see which names and places

there is on the board.

We have the Health Care Clarkhouse Road

First St Paul's Place

Pond's Forge River Don

Bramall Lane FC Meadow Hall

Hillsborough FC The City Hall

Robin Hood Airport Clowne

Sheffield Hallam University University of Sheffield

Botanical Gardens Midland Station

Moore Street Peak District

Division Street The Peace Gardens

The Old West Gun Works The Winter Gardens

Supertram The Town Hall

Victoria Station Road The Crucible

Fargate The Wicker

Then they have the usual four corners , Go, Go to Jail, and the Jailhouse then the only thing they

have wrong in the last corner of the board is Free Parking. I don't think so.

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Why didn't they include some real Sheffield names? some words they could have got of the front destination board of a bus.

Perhaps some words that to anyone not actually from Sheffield are unpronounceable, like Beauchief and Oughtibridge and Gleadless.

Personally I would love to see "Manor Top", not The Manor, but "Manor Top" on there. It just sounds so right.

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Sheffield Monopoly has been around for about 5 or 6 years now, along with several other regional versions of the game.

I seem to remember that it was ludicrously expensive for what is effectively just a board game, - about £25 if I remember correctly.

I didn't fall off my chair laughing at the price, and I certainly didn't buy it.

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Guest Barbara M

What a strange choice of place names.

Not at all in the spirit of the original London themed board.

I think it's because the company that made it are not Sheffielders !!!

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Falls off chair laughing ... he he

You clown he he hope you didn't hurt yourself.

It did have " BIFFA " underneath Clowne but it's still not classed as Sheffield is it?

And why Clarkhouse Road, what's so special about Clarkhouse Road?

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Had a Google to find a picture. Couldn't find a complete one but it seems that some of the squares are "Sponsored by" which explains a few strange choices.

As for Clowne :wacko: - all they needed to do was look on a map for heavens sake.

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I never knew there was a Sheffield Monopoly.

Let me guess . . . Bramall Lane and Hillsboro are the equivalent of Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road. i.e.

They aren't worth much

Nobody wants them

Nobody lands on them

They're just an embarrassment

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I never knew there was a Sheffield Monopoly.

Looks like there's an everything Monopoly out there Thylacine. I saw a mildly amusing one which included things like:-


Another Starbucks,


Oh no! Yet another Starbucks. :)

Or something of the sort

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Sheffield Monopoly>Here's a picture. Looks like they are sponsored squares.

So they get money from sponsors to put them on a Sheffield game even if the sponsors aren't even in Sheffield, then they get more money by selling it at inflated prices.

They must be quids in,

Not laughing off their chairs like me and Steve, but laughing all the way to the bank.

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I did once suggest we produce a SheffieldHistory version, got shot down. Still think its an idea (for NEXT Christmas). We vote on a year, and produce something with appropriate street names; places with history or just infamous e.g. Sambourne Square, Bailey Lane - both vile places. Fargate with early pictures, the Town Hall before it was the Town Hall etc etc.

Just needs a grown up to start a Poll (always good for a laugh) and pick a decade.

Every place with a picture, an advert, or the names of local residents. Slums to mansions, poverty to riches.

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