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I remember a chap who could remove entire tree stumps with their roots in milliseconds.

His method might not be applicable to you though.

His name ?

Blaster Bates ! :rolleyes:


In earlier farming and countryside practice it was possible to use a traction engine, or a pair of traction engines, as "stump pullers" where with the aid of a chain the tree is quite literally pulled out of the ground, complete with its roots by the sheer pulling power (traction?) of these engines.

Although this is hardly ever done as a demonstration at steam rallies as there are rules in forestry which prohibit you from going around and randomly pulling trees up (or chopping them down for that matter) however, I have once witnessed stump pulling at a rally on a field in Lincolnshire which had an old dead stump which needed removing and it really does demonstrate the power of these vehicles.

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Thanks Dave H for your reply, we will give Roundup a try .....without touching other plants of course, and see what happens, I will let you know the outcome .

Let us know how well (or not) it works Barbara, Roudup is widely regarded as the best currently available and it is selective, it can be used to kill broad leaved plants like dandelions in a lawn and it wont touch the narrow leafed lawn grass, - but check on the instructions.

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