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News from home has been a tad scarce lately, even when there's a flood or a heatwave Sheffield rarely gets a mention out here in the remote regions of the Empire (Commonwealth just doesn't have the same ring). Unless it's an email from me brother, a phone call from me sister or a letter from me Mum (90 years old and still fending for herself) the only Sheffield we hear about is the one just down the road, the one that would fit in Don Valley Stadium.

But this week we hit the trifecta, starting with Seb Coe on 'Who do you think you are?", followed by Four Lions - "four Islamic Jihadists from Sheffield" which was scheduled to be shown the day after the Boston Marathon bombing but was postponed for obvious reasons. And finally a stand-up comedy routine from an unnamed venue in Sheffield (I think it was Stewart Lee's 'Carpet Remnant World', I missed the first part). Since the Sheffield down the road does not have a theatre, only a tin-roofed stock yard, I'm pretty sure it was broadcast from the Sheffield I grew up in.

So, I'm feeling quite chuffed. Who knows, one day I might see a Sheffield team featured on SBS's highlights show from the EPL. But I'm not holding my breath.

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