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Don't Miss This Film.

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Playing with my new smart telly I came across a wonderful Rank film from the 60's.

It's called "Look at Life" "Brits at Play".

It will be available on IPlayer for three more days but it's well worth a look.

The bit about Londoners going on their annual hop picking holidays in Kent is wonderful.

They were housed in tin huts but they even bought their own lino and carpets with them, one family even bought wallpaper to make the shack a bit more homely.

There's a section about the growth of kiddies adventure playgrounds in the sixties.

Modern day elf & safety bods would die of apoplexy at the sight of small kids balancing on a trapeze while descending a long zipwire suspended 15 feet above a solid concrete pyramid like structure. It was built by the Birmingham Council !

The home decor in some of the clips is wonderful and the fashions, well !



Film title corrected.

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