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Anyone Know Someone In This Photograph?


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Anyone know someone in this photograph?

I have a little information on this photograph.

I was told:

It was taken by Frank Herbert Brindley and is of a winning Sheffield Transport bowls team from around the 1940's at either Meadowhead, Milhouses or Netheredge.

The gentleman at the back left is my great grandfather George Lambert Brailsford (1873-1954) and the at the back right is his son-in-law Clifford Whiteley (c.1890-c.1858).

The other 3 gentlemen i do not know and wondered if anyone recognises them or can verify the place or date.

I would be happy to email a copy to any of their relations if wanted.

Personally i think the photo is at Sheffield Transport Sports Club at Meadowhead looking across the cricket pitch towards where the dual carriageway of Chesterfield Road South now runs to Chesterfield, but i have been up there even asked if they have any bowls trophies or record of teams and after giving him time to kindly check around, i called back after a couple of days, i was told there was no bowls trophies or any record of any Bowls teams.

So any help input be great.

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Looking at how old your G Grandad looks here compared to how old he was when he passed away, and also his son in law, i'd put this picture in the mid 1930's.

The clothes seem to support this too, IMO.

But then you've probably already deduced this for yourself so my input is pretty useless really lol

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Courtesy of Sheffield Indexers, Frank Herbert Brindley, retired, died at 937 Abbeydale Road age 85 and was buried on 4 Feb 1966 at Abbey Lane.

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It's definitely not Nether Edge BC. The club there is surrounded by buildings and is very small. Pretty much unchanged since the end of the 19th century when my great grandfather was a member.

Looking at how flat and open the landscape is there, I would say it is Meadowhead.

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