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Most Incredible Chance Meeting And Location

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Way back in 1982/1983 we were rehearsing for a sales conference. The theme was Breakfast TV which had recently been launched.

The link man was the presenter of Breakfast TV Frank Bough (before he was caught being naughty)

The location of this conference though was up the Eifel Tower in Paris!

At a break in rehearsals I took the opportunity to take the lift to the very top of the tower (our conference being on the first floor)

I was just taking a picture when I felt a tap on the shoulder and a voice saying" what are you doing here?"

It was my friend and sometime golfing partner Jim Thomas and his wife.

So that is my incredible chance meeting - at the top of the Eifel Tower.

I am sure there are many more - what is your story?

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I wouldn't go as far to describe a meeting with Robert Morley as 'Most Incredible' but the circumstances and location are worth a mention. We had just left Freemantle in Western Australia on the last leg of our epic voyage on the Britanis and were crossing the Great Australian Bight heading for Melbourne. Mr Morley and a small entourage came walking along the deck in the sunshine, he was instantly recognisable having been in film and theatre for 40 years. He was in Australia in 1973 for the production of Alan Ayckbourn's play "How the Other Half Loves" and had just boarded the ship in Freemantle.

Anyway, they stopped beside a row of deck chairs. Mr Morley sat down, the deckchair objected and immediately collapsed in a heap. I was standing at the rail only a few feet away and witnessed the whole embarrasing incident. I remember thinking, that was more Norman Wisdom then Robert Morley.

I have often wondered why he was catching a one-class Greek migrant ship rather than an airplane. I wonder if he had a fear of flying?

And does anyone know why he declined a knighthood which seems so out of character?

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