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Way Out West (Alexandra Theatre)


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The Sheffield Alexandra Theatre Co. Ltd. . Monday Sept. 27th, 1909, and during the Week .

Grand American Attraction !

First Visit to Sheffield of Junius Booth's Play and Company, In the Great Realistic and Dramatic Production, entitled - Way Out West by Junius Booth.

Junius Booth was the grandson of the American actor Junius Brutus Booth, and nephew of Junius Wilkes Booth (Abraham Lincoln’s assassin). His play ‘Way Out West’ depicted, according to this playbill for Sheffield’s Alexandra Theatre, “in truthful form a chapter from the lives of those pioneers who “blazed the Trail” for civilization in the Far West of America”. Set in the “Big Flume” Hotel and other locations on the Carson Trail, the play employed a “Pack of Real Wolves” for its effect. The playbill also states that “the Caribou-Hide Sleeping Bag used in the Hut was made by the United States Government and carried by Lieutenant Peary on his dash for the North Pole”.


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