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Ay Up - Sheffield Lass Looking At Outrages/rattenings

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Hi all,

I am a student at Leeds doing my final diss. on the Sheffield Outrages/Rattenings mid-19th C. Please feel free to point me in any useful directions you know of - I am mainly analysing contemporary response in the media, as well as the commission report (which I own a copy of) in particular I would like to see the commission's minority report which later influenced the TUC.

Does anyone know of liaisons 'twixt publicans in the central area at the time? I note Samuel Holberry's wife re-married Charles Pearson of the Seven Stars on Trippet Lane which is a stone's throw from William Broadhead's pub The Royal George on Carver Street. Nice Chartist/Rattenings connection there that I would like to slip in but could do with the reference to source for publican's directory quoted in another thread here.. ;)


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