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Sheffield Exhibition Knives


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Extract :

The quality of the knives those old Sheffield cutlers made will never be equalled - and they did it all with antiquated hand tools, without any modern power tools, working by the dim lighht of a grey English sky that filtered through a small window covered with the smoke and grime of fifty years of coal smoke.

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Yes totally agree with you.I am very surprised that no one has answered you.9 years it appears you've been waiting unless I have it wrong.well I am a late starter in knife collecting ,started 2byears ago but am getting quite a lot of knives in my collection now from all over the world .but my favourite knives are from sheffield.love everything about themy. The workmanship.skill and beauty of them.I have one I would like to know more about.wondered if you could help.?It Has saynor on the blade and saynor sheffied England on the tang




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