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Alfred Hukin (1805-1857)

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Can anyone please tell me the address of the 'Yellow Lion' - I know there are probably quite a few pubs with this name but it is given as Alfred's address in a Sheffield Independent Newspaper article (dated 30 Aug 1844). It states that Alfred Hukin, landlord of the Yellow Lion, was accused of assault on two servants of a Mr Timm (maltster). I know that the 1841 census shows Alfred as being a 'silver plater' living at Daisy Bank but he changed occupation to become a landlord sometime between 1841 and 1844 (business directories and a later census show him as the landlord of the Parrot, Button Lane).


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If you look on our A to Z of pubs you will see there are 4 Yellow Lion's

12 Haymarket

59 Clifton Street , Attercliffe

High Street , Unstone

1 Coal Pit Lane.

I have seen Alfred Hukin somewhere at another pub but I can't remember

which one it is now. The reason I took notice was because of the name

Hukin, a distant ancestor.

At a guess I would say it was 1 Coal Pit Lane but I'm sure some of our experts

will come up with the correct answer.

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Hi - sorry for delay in my thanking everyone for their input - I'm out of the UK at the moment and internet service is dependant upon where I'm staying.

Unfortunately I'm unable to determine the correct address but if I find out I'll make a posting.

Once again, many thanks

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