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Hmv To Vanish?

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History dude

HMV the record store is in serious trouble as mounting debts have forced them into administration. They have already suspended the operation of HMV.COM and a notice shown below is all that you get if you go to the web site.

I don't know if the stores are still open, but it must be only a question of time before they too go the way of Virgin and Woolworths.

HMV blame the on-line change in habbits. However I think also that the record industry is partially to blame and the rise of Apple's I-Pod. The record industry because of the fear of copying meant the widespread use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) stopped places like HMV selling files compatible with I-Pods and Apple's patent prevented them selling the format used on the highly successful I-Pod. The Record Industry also have allowed I-Tunes a vritual monopoly on the download market, seen most in the high profile back catalogues of the Beatles and AC/DC being released only on that site. With the collapse of the "hard" copy market - CD singles and albums, with Woolworth's and HMV the masters of it - the writing was on the wall for HMV.


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