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wayne parkes

Chrystal Hospital Radio And Television

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Chrystal ( Childrens Hospital Radio Your Station To Always Listen) was the Sheffield Childrens Hospital radio and television station which broadcast to the patients, staff and visitors of the hospital from 1984 until the early 2000's.

The station was the idea of Laurance Newman (who died recently) and under his guidance the charity was a great success training up young presenters and technicians who gave their time and talent free to the hospital radio station.

In 1991 the charity began broadcasting Chrystal TV which again was the hospital's very own channel showing a mix of cartoons, films and live broadcasts on channel 5 on the ward television sets.

At the time it was the only hospital television service and was a great success.

Ex presenters included Richard McCourt, Anthony ***, Chris Darlow, Jon Holling and many more who progressed into radio and television broadcasting.

The charity closed down in the 2005/6 due to funding (all income was based on donations) and a lot of broadcasting history and memories went with it.

I am trying to make contact with any ex members or staff who have memories about the station and would love if any photos or memories could be added to this topic.

Also, Laurance Newman (the chairman) was a well known local landlord (Laurance & Co) and met loads of people during his time, so any memories or photos of him would be very much appreciated.

A little blog is here with some Chrystal archive bits if you are interested : http://wbpdigital.blogspot.co.uk

Wayne Parkes



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