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The petition is growing quite considerably now but still need more signatures as the more we have on the petition the bigger impact on the council, and Mr. Pickles. So please email friends relatives and get them to write to Mr Pickles or sign. This petition even now is clear evidence that our heritage does matter to the man and woman on the street.

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ukelele lady
937 at 1:12 am, keep 'em coming Folks.

According to this weekends Star it was only 481 which is a bit dissapointing.

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Numbers are still rising rapidly. Don't forget there are also people writing direct so the number is much higher than this online petition alone. If you know someone who doesn't want to sign the petition online please urge them to write to Mr. Pickles.

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I have noticed that a member of the University's governing body has just signed the protest. He trained as an architect at the University. Makes me wonder who makes the decisions at Sheffield University and on what basis?

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1,178 supporters and rising ... where's the support from Wednesday and United ... ?

Honk for your Heritage !

HONK HONK!!! Quick - take action before our heritage goes down the pan. The hospital building is beautiful and deserves respect. THIS WHOLE THING IS A DISGRACE :angry: If we sit back and dont sign the petition/send off a letter protesting then we only have ourselves to blame in the future. If we act now at least we can look ourselves in the mirror and say we tried.

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Unitedite Returns

I see that as of this morning, that there are 1,756 supporters of this petition, but that 743 are "needed".

How do these petitions work exactly? Do the goal posts keep moving?

I seem to recall that when I pledged my support, that only 1,500 supporters were needed.

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