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New Member Here!

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Hi all!

I'm Mark from Shiregreen!

Great forum you have here.

I was born on Cyclops Street in Grimesthorpe but moved to Shiregreen when i was 3 years old (In about 1970) when they knocked all the houses down.

I still have vague memories of living there even though i was so young and i've been back up to Cyclops street to see how it looks.

There is only one factory there on the whole road (Right at the top) and it doesn't seem to be as long a road as i remember it!

Can anybody guide me to any website that has photo's of Cyclops Street with houses still on it

I've researched it but to no avail! :(

Glad i've found this forum, there are tons of stuff on here that i remember from when i was a young 'un.

Thanks all!


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