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Neddy ! There's No Paper In The ..............typewriter.

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You've got to be getting on to remember that line from the Goon Show, it caused ructions at the time.

Anyway, Father Christmas has been early to Hilldweller Towers and brought me a shiny new multifunction printer.

It's a Canon MG8150 and about the same size and shinyness as a grand piano. It uses 6 inks including 2 blacks and a grey.

It scans and prints at a very high resolution and I've been having a play at scanning a large-film print at a high resolution and printing it out.

The detail and colour rendering is astonishing but I've noticed that some brands of glossy paper produce better pictures than others.

The Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II supplied with the printer produced good images, The cheap glossy paper from Morrisons produced much better images, but the winner by a long way is the Kodak paper.

The difference in fine detail is amazing, tiny fine twigs on a very distant tree are not even visible on the Canon paper.

The Kodak paper I have is only the "Bronze" quality 'so I'm looking around for some "Silver" or "Gold" from Kodak.

The only problem is that Kodak are in difficulties and have already stopped camera and now printer production. I hope they continue to produce photo paper or at least sell the division off as a going concern.


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