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Some Corporate Tosh from Everything Everywhere, who used to be Orange/T-Mobile ... mentions Sheffield though.

Dear Chris, Richard and Ian,

A couple of weeks ago we outlined our brand strategy and 4G LTE network rollout plans. We announced our plans to launch EE as a superfast customer brand offering 4G mobile services and fixed fibre broadband.

Today we are delighted to announce that the official launch of our new customer brand, EE, offering the UK’s first superfast mobile 4G and fibre broadband service, will take place on the 30th October 2012. This is a significant milestone for the United Kingdom, and for the people and businesses of our country who will now be able to enjoy the huge advantages of superfast 4G technology for the first time. We are very proud to be pioneering, innovating and leading our industry in launching 4G for our nation through our new EE brand.

EE will be the first brand in the country to offer a mobile 4G LTE service, the pioneering new technology that offers superfast mobile internet at speeds typically five times faster than 3G speeds today.

EE will launch 4G in ten cities on the 30th October, and will cover 16 cities – a third of the UK population – by the end of the year. The 10 cities at launch will be London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Cardiff, and by the end of the year we’ll add Belfast, Derby, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham and Southampton.

Customers on the EE brand will also have access to the biggest and best 3G network in the UK. Further towns, cities and rural areas, will follow rapidly with coverage to reach 98% by 2014.

I hope you can share in our excitement and again wanted to extend a huge thank you for the support to get 4G rolled out across the UK, so that we can all be a part of creating a digital backbone for Britain.

Kind regards,

Olaf Swantee

CEO Everything Everywhere

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Everything Everywhere are going to start their 4G LTE services using the existing 1800 Mhz band.

The fun will start when other operators start to use the new 800 Mhz band that the government are introducing.

This has been made possible by the conversion of TV broadcasting to the digital format.

Now that each channel (frequency) can carry a multiplex of many different TV programmes and less channels are required, the "powers that be" have had the TV stations taken off the highest UHF channels (61 to 69) and are going to auction them off to the highest bidders for 4G LTE use.

Nowadays many recently installed TV aerials are of the wideband log periodic type which will receive the 4G signals with the same strength as the TV signals.

Ofcom has had research carried out and it appears that anyone with a aerial amplifier (booster) or multiset distribution amplifier could be subject to interferance. The interferance will most likely come from 4G devices in the home rather than more distant base stations. In trials many amplifiers were affected.

The answer would be to install low pass filters before any amplification to stop intermodulation problems. This might involve crawling on rooftops if a mast-head amplifier is fitted. Ofcom asked that money be set aside to pay for filters if required.

My aerial points straight at a dirty great newly installed O2/Vodaphone mast 'so I await the next couple of years with interest. :huh:

Link http://www.ispreview...erence-woe.html


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