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John Banners Department Store - Attercliffe Road

Guest detrius

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My first job was at Jacksons Food Hall. I didn't like it all. They basically had me getting shut of cardboard boxers nearly all the time. Except when the deliveries of food arrived. Then it was all hands to get them down into the warehouse using a conveyor belt from the side street, where the lorries parked. It was getting near to Christmas 1976 and the amount of stuff coming in was stupid. They had a job storing it all! One of the more amusing incidents was being told to get some coins from the bank just down the street. Several large bags of copper coins! They weighed a ton! I was struggling to carry them down the street. Several people were watching me with the bags (clear plastic) so you could see what was in them! The looks I got! As I dragged them on the ground at times. I had to stop and rest several times. It was of course funny to all who watched me, not to me!

They had a real problem keeping staff I think. I wasn't the only one that left. Two more quit at the same time. I remember the man in charge was only concerned that I hadn't got a criminal record and I got the job simply on that fact. There was more security in the warehouse with locked areas for the chocolate and cigs and alcoholic drink. So I suspect they didn't trust some of the staff that were employed! 

I had to work a week notice, so they put me all week doing every crap job there was.  The best thing about the job was the cheap lunches in the Banners canteen. 

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