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Guest Tiger


I saw a link to this site from one of the excellent Sheffield Genealogy sites( can't remember which) Born in Jessops in 1963

I was brought up, not dragged lol in Crookes, went to college outside the city but returned home after 4 years. I first lived in Walkley and now in Hillsborough. I have an keen interest in History and Genealogy.I am considering setting up my own part-time business due to all the requests I receive from friends and family for information. I spend the rest of my time as a Playworker in a local school.


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Guest tsavo

Hi Lois,

Nice to hear from my old stamping ground of Crookes. Hope you enjoy the site and welcome to Sheffield History!

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Sheffield History

Hi Lois - thanks for joining !

The site's still growing every day with new members posting their memories and photo's !

Hope you enjoy the site - if there's anything you need just message me !

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