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Sheffield Amateur Operatic Society


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1920 Erminie

1921 Patience

1922 Falka

1923 The Earl and the Girl

1924 A Country Girl

1925 The Quaker Girl

1926 Tina

1927 Katinka

1928 The Dancing Mistress

1929 The Cabaret Girl

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1930 The Quaker Girl

1931 To-night's the Night

1932 Our Miss Gibbs

1933 Who's Hooper ?

1934 The Cinema Star

1935 My Lady Frayle

1936 Jack O'Diamonds

1937 The Girl Friend

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Bless the Bride (A P Herbert Vivian Ellis) at the Montgomery Theatre, Surrey Street

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1963 Bitter Sweet (Noel Coward) at the Lyceum

1968 Camelot at the Lyceum (week commencing 11th March)

1969 Perchance to Dream (Ivor Novello) at the Lyceum

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On 19/07/2012 at 12:38, RichardB said:






1947 Over She Goes


1948 The Girl Friend

Not sure whether this is the done thing but I've unearthed these pictures from my family collection that feature my grandfather, Charles Wainwright, who was a member of the society after he returned from service overseas...... The first two are from the 1947 production of Over She Goes..... the third of The Girl Friend.....




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