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ukelele lady

What's happened to the Sheffield Library Pictures site?

It's all changed again and I must admit I don't like it.

Why do they have to keep changing it.

I want my pictures back :angry:

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The pages on the new site appear to load more quickly than on the old board,

cannot see the point in the silly magnifying glass though, just click the zoom button.

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They have fixed the missing pictures, which were only available as thumbnails, and when zoomed in gave a message that they would be available in 2003 eg Louth Road, Brickfields Terrace. The typing into the search box is painfully slow though.

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They still haven't fixed the in-correct labelling of a number of photo's of part of the old Crimicar Lane Isolation Hospital.

They have labelled a series of photo's showing the (deliberately) burnt down wooden TB ward as Redmires Camp.

I have emailed them a couple of times in the past and they said they would be altered when the site was upgraded but they remain the same.

They even have one photo labelled under one number (S23387) as Crimicar Lane and under another number (S21097) as Redmires Camp.

S21093/94/97/98 are all taken from the old Crimicar Hospital looking from southwest to northwest. S21093 shows the fields where our estate was built.

I've emailed them again but I'm not holding my breath.


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