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St Peters Close


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If anyone is passing, and has a camera on them I'd like a photo of

The Old Bankers House on Hartshead, it has a tunnel, I think its called St Peters Close, anyway there is supposed to be a bricked-up doorway as part of that tunnel/jennel, I would expect it's on the right hand side.

Strange request, if anyone can help, I'll post the story alongside the picture, so we're looking for a picture of some brick wall with what could be a bricked up doorway (very old).

Many thanks in advance.


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Hey up Richard ...... I've had my usual Sunday morning saunter round town today and got you a few photos of Bankers House/St Peters Close.

As you can see the archway is fenced off, chained up and padlocked. Its been like this now for a long time, originally it was for building work, so whether the've forgot about the fencing I'm not sure.







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Thank you so much for taking those, the last one is the most interesting. In Reminiscenses of old Sheffield the story is told of the bank going bankrupt and a Derbyshire man knocking on the door on a Sunday; he was told we don't do business on a Sunday; I'm here to make a deposit .... they took his cash.

Supposed to be a side door to the premises, that final photo could well be the original doorstep.

Again, Many Thanks lol

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