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Johnson Cigarette Card (Pre-1918)

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"Old" Harry Johnson (1876 - 1940) played over 240 league games for the Blades between 1895 and 1908.

After retiring he became assistant coach and his two sons both had successful careers at Bramall Lane:

"Young" Harry Johnson (1899 - 1981) Uniteds record goal scorer

Tom Johnson (1911 - 1983) Losing finalist in 1936 and captain of the 1939 promotion team

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James Taddy & Company was founded in 1740. By the end of the 19th century it was one of the most important tobacco companies in Britain. It first produced cigarette cards in 1897 with a set entitled Actresses. In 1907 the company issued a set of 595

football cards entitled "Prominent Footballers". The oval shaped images were in black and white. Further sets were followed in 1908 (403) and 1913 (406).

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