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Any Hams in Sheffield for a QSO

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Guest detrius


Are there any Amateur radio operators in sheffield that would like to schedule a QSO on 40 meters one weekend.

Look me up on http://www.qrz.com/ Callsign M0FAT


Many thanks] ;-)

Andy M

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Guest detrius

Forgive my ignorance Andy - but is that like CB radio ?

Hi Mate

Bit of Information below

More than 63,000 people currently hold amateur radio licences in the UK, many of whom communicate with fellow amateurs at home and abroad using a broad range of technologies. Radio amateurs have a long and significant history of contributing to developments in radio communications; they were amongst the first radio operators to exploit the ionosphere for long range communications.

Despite the growth in mobile telecommunications over the last decade, it is radio amateurs who can often provide the first links between stricken communities and the rest of the world after natural disasters such as the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami in South-East Asia

Amateur radio transmissions may travel worldwide so these arrangements also need to comply with international regulations; therefore licences are required to regulate amateur radio use.


Andy m

p.s. have a great day today at your meet up,and best wishes to all that attend

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Lost touch with bloke with the the callsign G1IOR, a radio ham with an interest in amateur tv. Understand form a google search he has moved to Chesterfield. Wondered if you knew him.


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