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How many More Take Aways do we need

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Guest coffee cup

Has anyone else noticed the increasing amount of fast Food outlets that seem to be popping up everywhere ?

At one time the only takeaway was fish and chips.

Hillsborough has a varied choice so does Broomhill, Iam sure you have all heard of the book "A Pub on every Corner", Perhaps there could be one called "A Takeaway on every corner "

he hehe he he he

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Sheffield History

There must (seriously) be a new takeaway opening every single day in Sheffield

easy money - cook and deliver and cash in !

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Guest stead85

i totally agree there`s loads. I`ve recently moved to barnsley after living in sheffield all my life (22yrs im not that old i know) and we must get a new take-away menu through our letter box every single day i`ve got a bloody draw full.

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