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Sheffield Workhouse


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The original workhouse was situated in West Bar and was opened in 1733, hence Workhouse Lane, a remnant of which was still there in my memory. Basically right about where the roundabout is. Number 11 on the Gosling map.

The Cotton Mill buildings (hence Cotton Street, Cotton Mill Row, and Cotton Mill Walk) were used as the Sheffield Union Workhouse from 1829 until 1881 (Fir Vale Workhouse opened).

18th June 1829 :

The paupers having been removed from old workhouse to the new one, formerly the cotton mill, they were treated to 280lb of beef and 320lb of pudding; 317 paupers sat down.

(Presumably the 600 pounds weight of food was meant for the lot of 'em, not each lol )


One for the people visiting The Fat Cat ...

"map evidence suggests that the row of buildings backing onto Alma Street to the left of the current entrance to the Richardsons site (former Globe Steel Works) were not only part of the Workhouse, but also date back to the first cotton mill in 1805"


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