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The Victoria Cafe, Fargate

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Does anyone know when what was Davy's restaurant became WH Smiths? This image on Picture Sheffield appears to show the builders in and is dated 1973. This seems about right from my recollection, but it is a long time ago when I was quite young.

When I was young and had to go shopping in town with my mother the reward for good behaviour was often a trip to Davy's restaurant. No doubt my mother and any of my aunties who we might have met in town would have tea and I would have a glass of fizzy pop and a cream cake. My favourite was the chocolate eclair, and on one occasion I remember biting into it and it tasted horrible. The cream had gone off, and I was so upset that I couldn't eat it that I burst into tears. A bit extreme, perhaps, but at that age a chocolate eclair meant everything to me :). I guess that a fresh replacement cream cake was provided, but I don't remember that.

In fact I can recall nothing about the restaurant: what it looked like, the decor, the table layout: nothing, except that it was upstairs and I had a bad chocolate eclair experience!.


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Guest Sheffield Lass

There were two cafes in Davy's, one upstairs and one at the back of the shop, on the ground floor, it had green Lloyd Loom chairs and glass topped tables.  The mixed croutons - a posh way to describe savoury things on toast, one of which was sardines, were my favourites.

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