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Announcement On Behalf Of Trefcon

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Trefcon has asked me to let you know he's taking a break from "The Great War" thread here on SheffieldHistory.

As a professional masochist he's going to spend his time and effort pulling together data for the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. I've seen the volume of data he's working with, its over 10 years worth and I can fully appreciate the need to

"stand well back and take stock".

As you can imagine this is an enormous undertaking and needs his full attention. It will, no doubt, be a brilliant peice of work and will definitely cause his head to melt.

Thus,Trefcon/Dean just wanted me to explain where's he's at and where he's heading. He's not running away, just suspending activity here, for a while, whilst he goes off to attend to what, I must say, sounds like exactly the kind of task he was always destined to do.

On behalf of us all I'd like to offer a sincere Thank you for all the effort that has gone into the information provided here on SH and for all the questions/requests that have been answered; and to offer

"all best wishes"

with the new project. The suspension of activity does mean he will no longer be able to deal with requests for pictures/information as he has been doing recently (matter of fact he's been at it for years) and now its time for him to concentrate on "stuff" he needs to do to see his research through to a logical conclusion.

Goodbye, for now Matey, we'll no doubt see you around when you pop in for a look-see; Good Luck and if you need help my name is Stuart, or Bill or Mary ... anything but Sue

he he

Comments/compliments to the work already done on here please.

(As a tip Dean, once yer PM has filled to overflowing, it suddenly gets much quieter !)

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Having worked closely with Dean since January 2011 on the Sheffield Soldier project, I can confirm his knowledge and dedication is second to none.

His project once finished will be a fitting tribute to the brave men from Sheffield who fought for their country, a great number of who paid the ultimate price.

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Can't praise his input/effort highly enough; I've been to his home delivering some computer-tat to help him along. If I can help any with the project, I will, despite appearances I'm extremely intelligent, well-versed in research techniques and as handsome as can be - a kind of bronzed Adonis of the Sheffield History research community.


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Just like to wish Dean all the best with this massive piece of work and we look forward to seeing the results of his labours.

Good luck dean, - go for it.

You are the one member best placed to achieve this task and we have every convidence in you and are 100% behind you.

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Hi I am new to this site and trying to contacts deansgirl/trefcon. I think he has a picture of my granddad charles addis

Addis. C. Served. Pte. Notts & Derby.

I spent hours talking to my granddad about his horrific experiences in the great war when I was a kid. I would love to see a picture of him. We have no pictures of him as a young man. He was always uncertain about his age but it would have been his birthday in a few days time.

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