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Daisy And Dopper

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Guest soooz1


Been to my Nan's today. I always knew her father was a conductor on the old sheffield trams before he was sent to war (first world war). It's very hard to get any information that makes sense or doesn't get cut off half way through with recent news she wants to share. HOWEVER.

Today she mentioned something and i was wondering if there was any sites of old stories that might mention little tales from the past.

DAISY and DOPPER. Her father - Henry Preece - was apparently "Dopper" and as far as i can make out "Daisy" was his fellow tram worker .... and "Daisy" was actually a bloke. By the sounds of it these nicknames were given by the passengers.

There was also a short mention of how the tram conductors would take off their hats and and the passengers would pass it around the tram both downstairs and up and it would make its way back to the conductor with all the fares in ... couldn't do that nowadays could you, i don't think the hat would even make it back to the conductor, nevermind all the money :)

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