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Hello From Donny

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Hope you don't mind somebody from just up the road occasionally looking in and posting on here.

I'm interested in local history and culture and a bit of an "urban explorer" (for want of a better description).

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute to your discussions and, if I'm honest, I'm here mainly to pick up leads and info about possible places to visit and photograph but I'll make sure I'll share the results with you.

You can see some local Sheffield sites on my website underbelly.


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Hello TT, thanks for posting the website.

The first thing I went to was the Denaby Main Pit Baths, I thought it would probably be just a shell but you took some fascinating photo's. I have an affinity with collieries, I worked at the coke ovens and some of the men were ex miners. I also was familiar with Denaby, or at least Old Denaby are they the same place? I only have childhood memories of the place from the 1950's.

Then I looked at your photo's of Millmoor, not yet derelict but the tall plants growing through the seats are an ominous sign. I notice they took the goalposts away. I wonder if they are the ones now installed at Don Valley?

(Admin. seem to be a bit slow with the red carpet)

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