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History dude

John Appleyard Determined To Do His Bit

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My Great Grandfather had already been in the Sherwood Foresters for seven years and another five years in the Army Reserve, being discharged in 1931.

He wasted no time in rejoining at the outbreak of war. However it seems his body wasn't up to the demand. So he was discharged in January 1940 on health grounds. By August he must have been fit enough or they were that short of men that he got a driver's job with the RAF.

My dad remember's him turning up at the house in Wulfric Road Manor with a huge low loader truck, with an aeroplane wing on it! It blocked the road up!!!

By July 1941 he was unfit again and so was discharged.

He died in February 1945 of I believe stomach ulcers! Treated these days with drugs, which would cure him.


Front and rear discarge paper Army Reserve.

Front and rear RAF discharge paper

Notice in Star of death

Note also the two above missing and on active service.

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