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Hello From Scotland

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Guest Nigel379


I'm not sure when I first registered on this site, but I don't believe I've ever posted on it or reviewed it until lately. I was born and bred in Sheffield until HM Armed forces came knocking and I went on to serve for 24 years.

I am interested in my family history having traced my fathers family to Liberty Hill back to the late 1700's a whole 3-400yrds from where I grew up from the age of 7.

I am now living in Scotland with interests in any sport and military history.

I look forward to having some interesting and useful discussions on line.

Kind Regards


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17th October 2007 apparently! A belated welcome then Nigel. Nice to see you posting, and we look forward to hearing more from you. There's a deal of military history on here, mostly around WW1 and the blitz in WW2, but a fair bit about Sheffield and the military through the barracks here.

Whatever the topic your views are always welcome, feel free to chip in your pen'orth whenever you like!

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