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Visiting The Local Studies Library

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When visiting the local studies, does anyone know if you have to book a microfilm viewer beforehand?

Really looking forward to a few days of hardcore family history in the city. It'll only be the second time I've visited believe it or not!



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Guest rhtinsley

I'm sorry to be replying to this topic when the question I want to ask has nothing to do with the topic. I am new to this site , forgive me. I would like to talk with someone who is knowledgeable about old, old history of the village of Tinsley. And the Manor of Tinsley. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book. My ancient ancestor, Thomas Tinsley, was born there, or near there, in 1618 and arrived in Jamestown in 1638 as an indentured servant. I have copies of old documents mentioning Tinsleys. Please help.

Richard Tinsley rchrd_tinsley@yahoo.com

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