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Woodhouse Past And Present

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Hi all,

I've been visiting my many relatives who nearly all seem to live in Woodhouse and I have produced some Woodhouse past and present pictures for them. So I thought id post them here for anyone else who knows the area to be able to check them out. In the first 2 pictures, the 'past' photo has a house being built which I am told was in the mid 1800's and is still there today along with the Woodhouse cemetary building which you can just about make-out through the trees in the 'present day' picture. I am also informed that this point in Woodhouse was not classed as being within the Sheffield boundaries until the 1950's??? and that no buses came past the very narrow point in the road in the past photo.

In the second set of past and present pictures I am told that this is as far as buses came out along Stradbroke Rd in the 1950's and a bus turning point can be seen on the left hand side of the 'Past' picture with the view looking back up Stradbroke Rd towards City School.

The 3rd set of pictures shows a view back towards the 1st set of photos where the house was being built, looking in the same direction but this time taken from further back near to the Woodhouse Co-op shop.

Last set of photos shows a view up Stradbroke Rd in the opposite direction the 1st set of photos. The house being built in the 1st photo can still be seen at the top of the hill (this time on the left hand side). The Road was obviously widened at this point at some stage to allow a larger volume of traffic and buses through. At the top of the hill just out of shot is the junction with Bishop hill, a little back-whack road that time seems to have forgot. Its only 1 car width wide and the houses all seem to be out of an Edwardian era. The last 3 set of past photos are all shot in the early 1950's

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