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Tinsley Charity Cup

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I am trying to complete the history of this old football competition which started in 1918. Though it was called a cup competition, it appears that until 1979 the winners actually received a wooden shield. A cup appears to have been purchased in 1979 when the running of the competition was take over by the Sheffield Ameteur league. This ceased in 1987, but the competition was started again in 2000 when the Meadowhall Sunday League took over the running of the competition.

Does anybody know where the original wooded shield is today, it could be anywhere.

Does anybody know where the old records and minute books are???

Also did you play in the competition and your club win it. If so, which year and who were you playing for. Do you have a team picture???

Any help or information on the competition would be gratefully received

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Hi Alan  yes I have plenty of new information on the Competition including a minute book, so please contact me on 07397953949.


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