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Filthy Cities


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Filthy Cities BBC 2.

Episode 1. Medieval London.

I enjoyed watching this program last night,

not everyone's cup of tea and defiantly not a program for the squeamish. :ph34r:

"Historian Dan Snow gets down and dirty in Medieval grime to discover the hard way how the London we know was forged in the filth of the 14th century.

State of the art CGI reveals London's streets as they were 700 years ago and Dan steps into the shoes of a medieval Londoner - wooden platforms designed to help him rise above the disgusting mess underfoot.

He spends the night as a medieval muck-raker shifting a staggering six tonnes of excrement, and has a go at medieval butchery. Plus, he examines the remains of a plague victim to discover how a catastrophic epidemic would help a new and cleaner London emerge from the muck of the past".

Episode 1 is repeated on BBC 2, Thursday 7th April at 23:20,

or it can be viewed here on bbc.co.uk/iplayer .. duration: 60 minutes

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I also caught a bit of the second part about Paris. What struck me in that was the mention of Tanning works and how awful the effect these had. Dealing with leather folks, not sun tan cream!

I remember reading the Ronksley book, a copy of Harrison's Survey of Sheffield in 1637. That too mentions this industry alot, so it implies even the very small town of Sheffield must have beem smelly and poluted back in the 1600's. Just goes to show even a programme not about Sheffield can have implications for the place.

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