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History Of Sheffield Cathedral

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"The Gateway project is an ambitious attempt to renew the interior of the Cathedral to create a brighter more welcoming building which is fully accesible to all"

It will be completed in early summer 2014 and includes, new heating, seating,lighting, flooring( which will include the levelling of certain areas for wheelchair access) and a new entrance,

(taken from Cathedral website)

As Bayleaf says, all churches and cathedrals originally, were without permanent seating...and the modern way is to do the same. The Cathedral is a widely and well used building and this re-ordering will make our Cathedral more "useful" in the future. I attend services at the Cathedral and I feel very happy with the changes as no doubt do other regular worshippers.

The intention in the 1920s was to change the Cathedral around and some of the extensions were built with this in mind. The War intervened and the project was abandoned...thus allowing the Cathedral to still retain much of its "friendly", local church feel.

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