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Crazy Daisy Nightclub Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Guest shedevil
On ‎21‎/‎03‎/‎2007 at 18:54, wisewoodowl said:



I've been trying to remember the name of one of the other DJ's. "Spider" has just come to mind, can anyone confirm this?

Settee and Spider I can confirm that

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when i came back from oz for holliday went to the daisy and found my old  classmate working on the door as a bouncer ian wilson was his name

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On ‎13‎/‎02‎/‎2007 at 01:11, Sheffield History said:






High Street - Sheffield (red marks where the entrance used to be)




DJ - Martin Manterfield (unfortunately he passed away)


You had to go downstairs to the below street level late night bar. It was probably most famous for it being the venue that Phil Oakey from the Human League met Suzanne and Joanne and signed them up for the band !




magdelaine - live @ the craisy daisy - 1975




Do you have any memories of the Crazy Daisy ? (no matter how hazy !) let us know, click reply and tell us about the place, what it was like and what kind of music was played..

Roxy Music...Mick Ronson...Ian Hunter...Bowie...Lou Reed...etc


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I have vague memories of Crazy Daizy, from around 1977/78.  It was still all Roxy Music and Bowie the few times I went.  Maybe punk & reggae were different nights.  My main memory is the arched ceiling and alcoves.

I went in at lunchtime a couple of times in 1983, by which time it was The Geisha Bar.

Was it really ever called the Lowenbrau?  I thought that was the later name of the Hofbrauhaus on Arundel Gate - which is the one that had lunchtime strippers in the late 70s.  Later to become Berlins.

What was the name of the small bar on the corner of Arundel Gate and Furnival Gate, around the early 90s?  Tucked away behind all the concrete stairs and steel barriers, keeping people off the dual carriageway / underpass / roundabout?

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Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 15.13.56.jpg

Can just about see the entrance to The Crazy Daisy nightclub where the first bus stop is!

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