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John Stacey

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A portrait of John Stacey.

A Mr John Stacey has a mention on here as being a merchant,

found in Bayleafs post .. here (under - Church Lane)

do we know anymore about Mr Stacey ?

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A possible

Dore House Colliery, Handsworth [no ref. or date]

Assignment SSC 675 25th March, 1801


John Read and Samuel Lucas (1764-1834) of Sheffield, refiners, John Shore and Benjamin Sayles, assignees of bankrupt steel makers Hague & Parkin, John Walker and Thomas Wilde of Sheffield, steelmakers, John Love and Alexander Spear of the same, steelmakers, John Bishop, William Weldon, Lawrence Potts and Francis Carr of the same, merchants, James Smith and John Stacey of the same, ironfounders, Jonathan Marshall of the same, steelmaker, William Dun of the same, cutler, John Eyre, Henry Hall and James Smith the younger of the same, cutlers, the lessees of Dore House Colliery, with Thomas Ward of Dore House in the parish of Handsworth, gentleman, to Vincent Eyre of Sheffield, esquire, The remainder of a lease for 80 years granted in 1792 to the lessees by William Ward of Sheffield, stationer, deceased, of the Ballifield Bed of Coal under lands of Dore House Farm where the lessees have established Dore House Colliery. For £5,000

National Archives

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