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Samuel Newbould And Co


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Samuel Newbould and Co original Newbould Works, c.1790. 


From Sanderson Brothers and Newbould 'Hints on Steel', c.1911

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: 669.1 SST.


Samuel Newbould and Co. Ltd, merchants and manufacturers of saws, files and edge tools, Bridgefield Works, South Street, Moor. 1872. 


South Street, Moor was renamed The Moor, Feb. 1922.


Plan of the Ground and Buildings proposed to be taken on Lease for 99 years of the Duke of Norfolk by Samuel Newbould. 1788.


The corner of The Moor and Ecclesall Road, including house, warehouse and saw shops; watering place and saw shop shown; measurements.


Map of Samuel Newbould and Co. Ltd, merchants and manufacturers of saws, files and edge tools, Newbould's Bridgefield Works, The Moor, 1844. 


Marked: Ecclesall Road, Hanover Street, Clarence Street, Little Sheffield, Bridgefield Works, South Street, and Young Street.



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Samuel Newbould & Co, of Sheffield, records. 

Samuel Newbould & Co., sawmakers. (Purchase 1972). Comprising: Partnership deeds 1784-1787.






Up for sale is this Antique 19th Century RARE " Samuel Newbould" Cutter Iron Carpenters Wooden Block Plane Inv#VD26. The chip breaker has a small crown with Samuel Newbould in two lines under it. The chip breakers are not as common as the irons. Samuel Newbould was a respected, prolific Sheffield, England maker of plane irons. The Newboulds build an extensive export trade to Europe and America. Samuel Newbould Jr (1752-1842) went to America early in the 19th Century and furnished a house in New York, where he acted as resident agent for the firm. The family carried on the business for at least 80-100 years, working out of the Bridgefield Tool Works. 


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S. Newbould’s premises on Little Sheffield Moor, and John Taylor’s house, 1787. 



Land purchased of the Duke of Norfolk by Samuel Newbould and Thomas Holy at Little Sheffield. 1803. 


Several fields between Broom Hall Lane and The Moor, across which Clarence Street was afterwards made. The line is indicated on this plan.

Shows Broomhall Lane, Younge Street and Samuel Newbould’s property.


William brother of Samuel Newbould.

(Information from Grace's Guide, "The second son William (1749-1802) married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Holy, button manufacturer, and was in partnership with his father-in-law.") 

Ground on Little Sheffield Moor demised by the Marquis of Rockingham to T Holy and William Newbould, 1776. 



House, workshops, erected on the leasehold ground of Thomas Holy and William Newbould, [The Moor], 1790. 


Marked: William Newbould, T. Holy's house, warehouse, etc.


(Information from Grace's Guide "The Newboulds were tilting at Loxley. Miller remarked: “Old Wheel Dam . . . would seem to have run both a tilt and a grinding wheel in the early part of the nineteenth century, when for seventy or eighty years, the property was owned by the Newboulds. Messrs. Samuel Newbould and Co. were tilters here for a considerable period but the Dentons leased the forge from somewhere about 1845 to 1885.”) 


Plan of an Estate situated at the Old Wheel in the Parish of Bradfield the property of S Newbould. 1820.



Plan of land at Loxley intended to be sold to Samuel Newbould (part between Old Wheel Dam and Storrs Wheel), by W. and J. Fairbank. 1825.




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Samuel Newbould and Co. Ltd., steel; saw; tools and knife manufacturer etc., Newhall Road. 1900. 


From an advertisement in the 1900 White's General and Commercial Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham. 

1900 merged with Sanderson Brothers to become Sanderson Brothers & Newbould, steel manufacturers of Attercliffe Steelworks, Newhall Road, Sheffield. 

Later, Sanderson Kayser Ltd, 


Records of Sanderson Brothers and Newbould and Sanderson Kayser Ltd, steel manufacturers. 



Memorial: Sanderson Brothers & Newbould Ltd. WWI. 




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