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Where do you get your information/pics from ?

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Sheffield History

Where do you get your information/pics from ?

The information on the site is from members, friends, websites, books, videos and anywhere else we can find !

We scour the internet for information, history, pictures, video clips, maps and any other source of content for the site.

Once located we download onto our computers and then upload to this site - therefore saving the original site's bandwidth and also ensuring that if their site disappears then we can still enjoy the content/pics.

We credit the original source and add links to the original site - if you find these sites disappear or the links don't work then please let us know asap and we'll redo the section.

There's nothing worse than finding a site about your favourite Sheffield subject, adding it to your favourites, only for the site to not be there next time you try to visit it.

If you have content on the site that's copyright to you - please let us know along with a link to the original site if we haven't credited it and we'll be happy to credit you correctly.

Remember though we only start the discussions off - it's up to the members to help us source information, pictures etc. The more the members contribute the more we can find out about this city of ours !

We have a section on the site for website links - these feature some recommended and some of the best Sheffield picture sites on the net.


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