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Guest transit

....and a fitting tribute to mark Pete Postlethwaites passing , by Grimethorpe Colliery Band , whom he starred with in another local film , Brassed Off .....


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Just watched this earlier this evening and had fun trying to work out some of the locations.

Great film.

Link - Among Giants

Not seen or heard of that one before vox, - it's got to be worth a watch hasn't it.

I notice that it stars Peter Postlethwaite who only died last week.

He was a great actor, always liked watching him in "local" parts like in "Brassed Off", or looking for a nursing home for his mum (played by Dame Thora Hird) in Derbyshire in "Lost For Words". A sad loss of an excellent actor.

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I didn't include the P. P. reference as I (correctly) thought it would be noticed anyway.

Interior shots of a pub called The Vine (is it the Cemetery Road one?

Lots of good views around Burbage

Rotherham hospital

Gas tank at Hillfoot

Can't remember any more

I like this type of film, no one gets shot, no exploding buildings, no car chases - you know what I mean.

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It's ages since I last saw the film but distinctly remember a scene filmed in "The Woodman" public house at Swinton.

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According to the technical info released with the movie the locations given are:-

Burbage Rocks, Derbyshire, England.

Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Heavygate Road, Crookes, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Millstone Edge, Derbyshire, England.

The Vine Pub, Cemetary Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

Plus a couple more I noticed

Tinsley cooling towers(RIP)

Fox & Duck, Sheffield Road Tinsley

The Country and Western night was in the Hillsbourough Social Club

BTW it's a great movie

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Guest Martin-Bacon

The scene where Ray (Pete Postlethwaite) and Steve (James Thornton) are in the van and pick up Gerry (Rachel Griffiths) was filmed by Redmires Upper Reservoir.

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Sheffield History

WITH tears in their eyes and pit helmets lit, the members of Grimethorpe Colliery Band gathered to recreate a moment in history.

In a stirring emotional tribute to late actor Pete Postlethwaite, the band - the real life inspiration for Brassed Off's Grimley band - recreated the 1994 film's most famous scene.

In the film the band gather outside the hospital window of seriously ill band conductor Danny - played by Postlethwaite - and serenade him with 'Danny Boy'.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our video report as Grimethorpe Colliery Band played a special Danny Boy musical tribute to Brassed Off star Pete Postlethwaite.

In real life fans of both the film and of the actor gathered in Grimethorpe to see the band don their pit helmets, take up their instruments and play Danny Boy once again in memory of the much- loved actor who died earlier this month following a long battle with testicular cancer.

"Brassed Off put Grimethorpe and the colliery band firmly on the world's map," explained band manager Colin Preston.

"Pete Postlethwaite was a big part of that and remained involved with the band even after filming wrapped. He was a great man and friend of Grimethorpe Band."

The film - also starring Ewan McGregor and Tara Fitzgerald - told the story of the troubles facing a colliery brass band in Grimley, a thinly-disguised version of the real Barnsley village of Grimethorpe, in the aftermath of the pit closures.

Doncaster's own former art college building on Chappell Drive was used as the hospital.

Colin explained it was the members themselves who insisted on marking Pete's passing with a fitting tribute.

"There is a tradition with brass bands that, when a conductor passes, their favourite hymn or piece of music is played," Colin explained. "We wanted to do the same for Pete - for our conductor."

The band has an impressive 93-year history and is now one of the few remaining touring bands, with 50 engagements already in the diary for this year throughout the UK and Australia.

The band has even been invited to play at Pete's memorial service in London next month, to be held at St Paul's Church in Covent Garden.

Colin said: "They got in touch to check our availability and we have discussed the possibility of playing 'William Tell' inside the church and 'Danny Boy' in the church garden after the service. It means a lot to us to be there.

The band will also be holding a Brassed Off 50th Anniversary Tour this year which will see members visit Sheffield City Hall.

They are even hoping to rope in some of the film's original cast.

Pete Postlethwaite OBE, who starred in The Usual Suspects, Alien 3, In the Name of the Father, The Shipping News, The Constant Gardener, Inception, and Romeo + Juliet, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1990.

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Sheffield History

Right - let's get cracking and find  all these locations!
Anyone seen this movie?

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