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Guest mammabeanz

Hello everyone i am a newbie to this site.

My name is janine i am 38yrs old & have a beautifull daughter who is 7yrs old. I was born in sheffield but have moved to live in various different area's (necastle,huddersfield) then back to sheffield and have currently been living back her for 16/17 yrs

I cannot believe how much things have changed so quickly in that time. I love looking at old pics of sheffield to see the changes.

I am looking forward to reading some of the topics on this forum lol

I hope this forum comes in usefull if i need any information sheffield related.

I am also a memeber of sheffield forum which i find quite useful & interesting.

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Welcome to Sheffield History Mammabeanz ;-)

I am sure you will enjoy reading our posts and contributing to our discussions.


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