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George F Linstead (1908-1974), composer, pianist, organist, choirmaster and writer, lived for much of his life in Sheffield. His music is little known at present, but reading of his activities on the website dedicated to him suggests he was an important figure in the musical life of Sheffield in the 20th century.


A Musician of Renown: The Life and Works of George Frederick Linstead (1908-1974)

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Old rider

Have you got Reginald Dixon on this list? He was famous as the organist at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool and played on radio programmes from there.

I went to Wisewood School with his nephew Paul D*** whose mother's maiden name was Dixon.

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Peter Cropper, violinist and Professor of String Quartet at Sheffield University, has been a resident of the Sheffield area for many years. He is founder of the Lindsay String Quartet and the Sheffield International Chamber Music Festival, now known as "Music in the Round"

​Peter Cropper died on May 29th 2015.

Daily Telegraph Obituary

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